Never Let Me Go: 10/11/07

Never Let Me Go Never Let Me Go
A Novel by Kazuo Ishiguro

Most of us had a hard time getting through this book. In fact, a few people gave up on it all together — but being true book lovers, they came to join in the discussion all the same. Even those who admired Ishiguro’s writing found the narrator’s evasiveness and passivity irritating.

CD complained that the book requires a passive reader. Some asked why the characters never tried to escape once they understood what was in store for them. Some found the question of science getting ahead of ethics a worthwhile one, but were frustrated that the author didn’t take a clearer stand.

DV pointed out that the story can also be about the ways we are capable of dehumanizing and using others – especially those at a distance, like the workers who make our inexpensive clothes or the farmworkers in the fields.

In some ways, Kathy and the other characters are facing a more extreme version of our own situation. Our time is limited: what will we do with it? Some accept whatever they’re handed, some struggle for change, but none live forever.

Kazuo Ishiguro
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