Reading Glasses

How about stocking Reading Glasses at every desk?

Individual eyewear is a little outside the scope of the library’s services, but there are a couple of tools here that may make materials easier for you to read. The Reference Desk does have a magnifying glass that you can use and return. There is also a machine called an Optilec that magnifies any printed material. You can place a newspaper, book, map or magazine under the lens and it can be displayed magnified, on a screen. Text on computer screens can be made larger, as well. Ask at the Reference Desk if any of these tools might be helpful for you!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Internet Queueing Station

In the Internet area, it would be good to have another monitor displaying who’s “up” in the queue to use 1-hour computers. Currently, one must get up and down to look at a monitor that is not well-located and is often in use by others. Since it is hard to judge when computes are free, one can easily miss their time, and then wait extra-long times to get on. Or how about having the comptuer make a quiet, non-invasive sound go off when computers open up?

Additionally, the current sign-up station is not accessible to persons with disabilities!

Thank you!

Thank you for the excellent suggestions about one of the most popular areas of the Library. I will work with our computer specialist to see how we can improve the visibility of the waiting list.

We have discussed different options for the queueing station to make it universally accessible and practical in terms of traffic flow, and have not yet come up with a solution that meets both criteria. Although the sign-up station is not currently accessible to everyone, reference staff can sign up users from the reference desk, and they are happy to assist anyone with computer reservations, including those who call ahead by phone.

Kate Tranquada