Milk for vending machine?

Thanks for the M&M’s.
Now, how about milk (in plastic bottles so it doesn’t spill) with some oreo cookies?

Milk would be a nice healthy option! And I can arrange for snack-packs of Oreos. However, because milk has a reasonably short shelf life and must be monitored very frequently, it’s not realistic under our current staffing circumstances.

There are several stores nearby where you are welcome to buy milk to enjoy in the AV Annex and snack room at the library:

-CVS at 12 Harvard St, Corner of Main St, just west of the library on the other side of the street.
-Hannaford Supermarket, 55 Russell Street. Corner of Main St, just west of the library on the other side of the street.
-McDonald’s Restaurant, 789 Main Street, just west of the library on the same side of the street.
-Quick Stop Variety, Corner of Church and Main Streets, east of the library, same side of the street, across from City Hall.

Some day when the dream of building a whole café for the library comes true, we’ll make sure milk is available!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


Eating in the library

I would no more think of eating my lunch at one of the 1st floor carrels than I would think of taking a trip to the moon. You’re not cops, but could you occasionally monitor for spread out salads, crunchy sandwiches and the like?


You’re right! Food and drinks should be enjoyed in the Ground Floor AV Annex and Snack Room only. While the staff can’t always get away from public service desks, we’ll aim to do a better job informing patrons of suitable places to eat and drink.

Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director



More Peanut M&Ms please!

I’m on it!

Thanks for your specific request and for enjoying the library’s Snack Room, located on the Ground Floor in the AV Annex!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


Better snacks!

We tend to restock the things that get emptied the soonest, but specific recommendations are welcome.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Snack Room

The lunch room is for patrons who want to sit down and enjoy their meal. There are a gaggle of the usual noisy teens who use the place as a perpetual hangout. Can you please put a stop to this.


As a public library striving to provide a welcoming environment for everyone in the community, from the youngest to the oldest, we face tensions between high-energy and quiet-seeking patrons from time to time.

We do make an effort to enforce the rules we have, which include limiting cell phone calls, eating and drinking to the ground floor Audio Visual Annex. We also require individual silent study on the second floor and in the first floor Waltham Room, and reasonably low levels of conversation in the rest of the library.

With most of the library set aside for quiet, the ground floor AV Annex and the Snack Room are two of the best spots in the building for small groups of young people to settle.

If you come across disruptive or inappropriate behavior in the library, please alert a staff member right away.

Kate Tranquada

Healthy Snacks

I would like to see healthier snacks in the vending machine and maybe some juices in the soda machine.

Frequent Library Patron


Our head custodian purchases the snacks and keeps the machines stocked. He has purchased pretzels and granola bars, and will watch for other healthier items that will work with the dispensing mechanism we have. The healthiest snacks around are fruits and vegetables, which our machine is not equipped to handle (unless they are preserved and packaged in a size that will fit the machine).

The best beverage option we have for the health-conscious is bottled water, and we will continue to keep it in stock. Real juices are too expensive to provide for 75 cents.

Please contact me with any specific suggestions you may have for snacks that will work in our vending machine. In addition, please feel free to bring your own favorite snacks with you to eat in the AV Annex at the Library.

Kate Tranquada