Kids’ Safety

I like that the Children’s Department does such a good job looking after kids so that they won’t get hurt.


Thanks for noticing! While the library staff wants to be sure that everyone visiting the library does so safely, it is actually is the responsibility of the accompanying adults to ensure the safe and appropriate behavior of their children in the library. Children under 9 years old should never be in the library unattended and although children 9 and up can be left in the library to complete homework or read, they should always know how to reach their adult.

Deb Fasulo, Asst. Director

Snack Room

The lunch room is for patrons who want to sit down and enjoy their meal. There are a gaggle of the usual noisy teens who use the place as a perpetual hangout. Can you please put a stop to this.


As a public library striving to provide a welcoming environment for everyone in the community, from the youngest to the oldest, we face tensions between high-energy and quiet-seeking patrons from time to time.

We do make an effort to enforce the rules we have, which include limiting cell phone calls, eating and drinking to the ground floor Audio Visual Annex. We also require individual silent study on the second floor and in the first floor Waltham Room, and reasonably low levels of conversation in the rest of the library.

With most of the library set aside for quiet, the ground floor AV Annex and the Snack Room are two of the best spots in the building for small groups of young people to settle.

If you come across disruptive or inappropriate behavior in the library, please alert a staff member right away.

Kate Tranquada

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