Computer Queue

Suggestion: Post computer queuing monitors in additional locations in the library.

Although the queuing software estimates wait times, assignments very often come up sooner than estimated. Allowing patrons to get too far away may mean they miss their time slot. Additional monitors also require additional wiring, since the software cannot run wirelessly. So, for now, 2 monitors are all we can handle. Hopefully there’s a comfy carrel or chair in the Reference area where you can see one of them until your next turn comes up.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Want to know more about displays

Dear Library,

Once again I marvel at your display cases – today this one is about kites. Amazing variety: antiquity to South Park, worldwide to Norman Rockwell.

As usual, though, I wish there could be some narrative background, especially for the photograph leaning against the right side-wall – looks like something from a movie!

Thank you,

Dear B.P.
I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the kite display! We always appreciate kind words. A sign stating the type of display and the organization or individual responsible for the display is required. Efforts are always made to remind displayers of this policy. Since the library doesn’t actually install the displays, but the individual displayers do, the signage and level of detail, can vary from one organization or artist to another.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Hooked Rugs Display

Dear Library,
To me, the display of hooked rugs is perhaps the most completely satisfying, interesting, and funny of all the great displays you have had here. I wish some signs identifying the artist could be available or some information about the display.


Dear BP,

Thanks for your kinds words about the hooked rugs display! I will certainly pass along your compliments to the artist.

Displayers are supposed to identify their display and we’ll do more to ensure that this occurs.

Best regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


NEW DVD list

It would be nice to have a listing online of newly purchased DVDs like you have on the AV desk.

Thanks for asking! You actually can see a list, 2 different ways, from the Waltham Public Library website:

Under Common Tasks, click Book Lists and then New Books. Down near the bottom of this list you should find a group of items with the prefix [RENTAL] and those will be all the new movies with links to the Minuteman Catalog for placing requests.


From the library’s home page, down on the left-hand side, click Subscribe to Library News. Enter an email address and then choose which lists or announcements you would like to receive: film list, for example. Just once each month you would receive an email with the exact same list as is on the AV desk. No email addresses are ever given away or used for purposes other than the subscription you choose.

Happy Viewing!
Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian

Black History Month Display

In my opinion, the small book display “Black History Month” near the computer area was poorly done. Why 3 books on Colin Powell? There are many black people who deserved to be featured instead. How about Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson or Paul Robeson, just to name a few?

Thanks for your interest in the library’s displays. There were many people featured in the Black History Month display; no political bent was intended. In fact when displays are originally set up, efforts are always made to find a well-rounded group of items. As materials are checked out and empty spaces are filled in, the choices with which to fill get fewer. It’s possible that so many people shared your view that most of the books on other prominent people of color were the ones checked out from the display, leaving behind Mr. Powell on display. The aim of displaying different books is to generate interest and get more books checked out and that it did.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director