Kindle titles in the library?

I am very pleased with the library system in MA. The wide selection of Christian books has allowed me to enjoy reading without spending a dime – great in this economy!

I would like to request books for Kindles. I got my Kindle for Christmas and I really want to use it more. If the library could expand the selection of Christian books to Kindles it would be great!

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Dear EF,
Thank you very much for your compliment to the Waltham Public Library. We’re happy to offer informational, educational and entertainment resources in any economy!

Unfortunately, Kindle titles are not available to libraries currently. Kindles were originally designed to read books purchased directly from Amazon and no other source. But back in the Spring (April, 2011), Amazon announced that they are making plans to allow libraries to offer Kindle titles to patrons by using OverDrive as the online distributor. WPL is currently using OverDrive to supply downloadable books and audiobooks of the non-Kindle variety, so I would say it is likely that WPL will also, at some point, offer Kindle titles through OverDrive. The business model for libraries to use this service has not yet been revealed, so we in the library world wait for more information. Hang in there!

Thanks again for your kind words.

Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Great Children’s Room, Long wait list

I want to tell you how much my 2-yr-old daughter and I LOVE your library. The Children’s Department provides loads of fun for us. We come to play when the weather’s bad. We love the selection of Patricia Polacco books. I enjoy movies, books and music and the library staff is always helpful.

I do have one sort-of disappointment: When there’s a popular CD, only one copy and 26 holds, I lose interest. I think for NEW items there should be a 1-week borrowing time. Otherwise you’re doing a great job.

Leah & L.A.

Hello Leah & L.A !
Thank you for that bunch of compliments. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to use so many library items and services.

It sure can be tough to wait when there is a popular item that you’d like to borrow. Sometimes the situation isn’t a bad as it looks, though; the catalog can be a little misleading. When you search for an item at a catalog at the library, it automatically limits your search to just the Waltham copies, unless you choose otherwise when you search. The result you see then is all the holds in the entire Minuteman Network for 43 libraries, but only the number of copies owned in Waltham. This paints a confusing picture since other libraries probably own copies too. (Change that box that says WALTHAM to ALL LOCATIONS and you’ll see all the other libraries that also have copies.) The 26 holds you mentioned may actually have 30 copies in the network that could help to fill your request.

Placing a request helps out in another way too. If there are Waltham patrons waiting for items that we don’t have, those items come up on a report to help us decide what items to buy. So, the list may not be as long as you think AND you’re helping the library staff choose materials people want. Request away!

Kind regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

New Movies

There have not been any new movies in the last 2 to 3 months. I am very disappointed in this.


Dear CM,

I’m sorry if you have not found new titles that look interesting to you. I can assure you that between 70 and 130 movies are ordered for the library each month, including feature, documentary, Children’s, blu-ray and nonfiction titles. Please feel free to make recommendations for purchases at the AV desk. OR, on the library’s website, under Common Tasks, there is a link to Suggest a book or other item for the library to purchase.

Perhaps the very best titles were checked out when you visited. There’s a sign posted on the AV Desk each month listing all the new movie acquisitions and this list can be emailed to if you like! On the library website, on the left side, there’s a link to Subscribe to Library News. Simply enter an email address and then choose which lists or newsletters you’d be interested in receiving. Then you’ll be sure to know about all the latest movies the library has to offer, even if they’re checked out.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian


Teaching Company

Keep buying more Teaching Company courses. They are fabulous!


Will do! Feel free to make any purchase requests for specific Teaching Company titles or subjects with the AV staff.

Keep Learning!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian


Internet access in the AV Room

Internet access in AV Room
Microsoft Word & printer.

Thanks for the suggestion. You’re correct that the two computers in the AV areas are only for Library Catalog searching and placing requests. Right now, there are 2 reasons why currently there are no Internet or Word-accessible computers in AV. One is that the space isn’t wired for any more computers or printers. The other is that computers and printers require staff time and expertise. The Reference staff is best equipped to help with that and so public computers are located nearest to them.

You are welcome to bring a laptop into AV to work and save any documents to a flash drive. You may reserve time at one of the desktops in Reference in order to print.

There is, however, another printing solution coming soon. There is already a project in the works to allow wireless printing and when that is up and running, you would be able to bring a laptop into AV and print away!

Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian


NEW DVD list

It would be nice to have a listing online of newly purchased DVDs like you have on the AV desk.

Thanks for asking! You actually can see a list, 2 different ways, from the Waltham Public Library website:

Under Common Tasks, click Book Lists and then New Books. Down near the bottom of this list you should find a group of items with the prefix [RENTAL] and those will be all the new movies with links to the Minuteman Catalog for placing requests.


From the library’s home page, down on the left-hand side, click Subscribe to Library News. Enter an email address and then choose which lists or announcements you would like to receive: film list, for example. Just once each month you would receive an email with the exact same list as is on the AV desk. No email addresses are ever given away or used for purposes other than the subscription you choose.

Happy Viewing!
Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian

Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks

Do you carry or will you carry OverDrive — an e-book provider service for public libraries?

Yes, indeed the Minuteman Library Network just recently began providing OverDrive to library patrons! Please visit the Minuteman Library Network website to try it out! It’s a brand new collection which will be growing in size in the near future, so check back frequently!

Waltham also still participates in the Recorded Books downloadable program.
Visit the Waltham Public Library website to check out more titles.

Feel free to contact the library at 781-314-3425 and press 5 for the Audio-visual Department if you’d like more information.

Happy Listening!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

New CDs

You should get newer CDs.

You’ve noticed 2 things: the new CDs that we do have get checked out very quickly AND the library does not currently have an Audio-Visual Librarian. Until last Fall, I was the AV librarian, but now that I have become the Assistant Library Director, I am unable to spend the amount of time that used to be spent developing the AV collection. There is also a hiring freeze in place in the City of Waltham and so a new AV librarian cannot be hired yet. Your CD recommendations are most welcome! Please ask the staff in the AV room for “Purchase Request” forms. Your requests are very helpful for buying albums that patrons want to borrow!

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Audiobooks on CD

It would be very helpful to put the number of CDs on the spine of audiobooks. I would not have to spend so much time looking at each one for this info. We like to listen in the car, but only want 5 or 6 CDs.

I’m so delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the audiobooks collection! As an avid listener myself, I understand that sometimes book duration can be almost as important as the genre or subject. While I’m glad that you’ve been able to utilize this contents label, there are 2 reasons why the label has not been placed on the spine. Its primary purpose is for library staff in 41 libraries around the network. Each time an audiobook is checked in or out it is crucial that the material is checked for completeness. Therefore, the 2 labels that the staff are required to seek out: the barcode and the # of discs, are placed next to one another. The other reason is just a matter of space: some audiobooks are trying to cram a lot of text onto their spines, including author name and book title. There’s just not a lot of room to add another label (or to add to the information on the existing spine label) that won’t cover up more important information.

Keep listening!

Kind regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director