Jodi Picoult

I think it would be wonderful if you could get Jodi Picoult to come in to the library and do a talk and a book signing. She is very popular with all ages of people.


She is a popular author! I contacted her publicist to inquire about fees and availability and found that not only is Ms. Picoult completely booked for all of 2013, but she also charges a fee that is light years beyond the library’s budget. So while I’m unable to bring her here to WPL, perhaps you’d be interested in listening to some interviews on her website.

Thanks for the lovely idea…

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Arts & Crafts

How about some adult arts & crafts on a Saturday or weeknight? Examples: holiday craft wreaths, center pieces, etc…


Thanks for inquiring, K.K.!
We have had programs of this nature in the past and participants have enjoyed them. There are a couple of reasons we haven’t done these recently. Usually the group size has to be fairly small – no more than 15 people – because the instructor needs to be able to give one-on-one help. And then there’s the cost of the materials. Often for the same price, we could host a lecture or concert for 75 people. So, while arts and crafts aren’t out of the question in the future, they’re also not the most economical type of program for us.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Rewards program?

To: Kate Tranquada
From: C.B.

Idea: Reward program for donating or buying books and videos

1. Every time someone is donating an item, he gets a specific number of points and when a certain number of points is reached, would entitle him to receive a gift card or other reward.

2. Every time someone is buying a book or video, he gets reward points and when a specific number of points is reached he would get free books or a free gift card or other reward.

A follow-up system would be necessary to track everyone entering this program.

Dear C.B.,

We feel there are already ample rewards for donating to and buying from the Friends of the Library! Most donations are sold by the Friends, who use the funds to support the library, which benefits the donors. People who buy materials at the Friends sale get books and recordings at great prices while supporting the Friends, which in turn supports the library and its patrons. And receipts for donations can be used for tax deductions.

The Friends of the Library funds services and equipment that are beyond the scope of the municipal library budget, such as cultural and educational programs for all ages, landscaping, the sound system for the lecture hall, laptops for loan, and much more.

Thanks for writing,

Kate Tranquada
Library Director

NEW DVD list

It would be nice to have a listing online of newly purchased DVDs like you have on the AV desk.

Thanks for asking! You actually can see a list, 2 different ways, from the Waltham Public Library website:

Under Common Tasks, click Book Lists and then New Books. Down near the bottom of this list you should find a group of items with the prefix [RENTAL] and those will be all the new movies with links to the Minuteman Catalog for placing requests.


From the library’s home page, down on the left-hand side, click Subscribe to Library News. Enter an email address and then choose which lists or announcements you would like to receive: film list, for example. Just once each month you would receive an email with the exact same list as is on the AV desk. No email addresses are ever given away or used for purposes other than the subscription you choose.

Happy Viewing!
Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian


Really enjoyed the Creativi-tea adult craft project with Elaine. Thank you so much for a great evening.


I’m glad you had a good time! I forwarded along your message to Elaine. She thanks you for the compliment as well.

Kindest Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director