Chemicals & cleaners

Dear Mr. Jewell,

I’m writing in regards to a concern I have about the Library.

I love the Waltham Library and tell everyone I know what a great place it is. I love the librarians, the atmosphere is so positive and the service is great.

But the chemical cleaners that your staff use are not great. As the numbers of chemically sensitive individuals continues to arise we are learning more about the danger of these chemicals, for the public and for the staff who use them.

Will you kindly consider switching over to some of the newer, safer, citrus based cleaning products?

I would be willing to do some research for you about this and if it’s a city issue, I would also speak with the mayor.

Let’s make the Watch City into the city that watches out for it’s citizen’s health!

Thanks and keep up the great work you do at the fabulous Waltham Public Library!


We have switched over to newer safer chemicals wherever possible (we had a patron with a serious sensitivity to some products we were using some years ago which prompted the review). I’ll forward this message to my Head of Maintenance to see exactly where we stand today. Any suggestions for alternative products will be most welcome. In the past we have had a hard time finding effective replacements for certain cleaners needed to remove heavy stains and dirt.

Thank you for writing and for your kind comments about the library.

Tom Jewell
Library Director

Big Screen TV

Big Screen TV in Break Room, ESPN

We look forward to installing the big screen as soon as we start serving beer.

Please order two books

Please order The Last Patriot by Brad Thor, to be published July 1, 2008, and To the Death by Patrick Robinson, due May 12, 2008.

These authors are popular here, and I have given your request to our technical services department for ordering. Watch for the descriptions to appear in our catalog within the week. Once the books are listed in the catalog, you can place requests online to have them set aside for you when they are available.

Cigarette butts

Put in an ashtray or smoker’s outpost so there won’t be cigarette butts all over the ground.

We are investigating ways to follow up on this idea, looking for receptacles that would complement our beautiful building and grounds, and placements that won’t encourage people to stand just outside the library door for a smoke. We’re also looking into a ban on smoking on library grounds.

Thank you for taking the time to drop us a note.