It is very disruptive to have a patron ask loudly for assistance and library employees answer them just as loudly from 15 feet away. Children are often admonished about quiet in the library, but adults are allowed to be disruptive.

Thanks for the reminder! While sometimes there is a situation that calls for raised voices, hearing impairments for example, staff should remember to revert to “library voices” when that situation is over.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

Children’s Room Doors

Please consider closing the Children’s Library doors for the safety of the Children.

Thank You,
Worried Parent

Dear Worried Parent,

The library staff also worries about the safety of the children in the library. One reason the doors usually remain open is so that everyone feels welcome to visit the Children’s area. For the convenience of parents with strollers, open doors certainly make entering easier for them.

The Children’s staff has, on rare occasion and by request, closed doors for the duration of a family’s visit. This is usually for a family with multiple children, one of whom just learned the fun game of: run!

While the library staff wants to be sure that everyone visiting the library does so safely, it is actually is the responsibility of the accompanying adults to ensure the safe and appropriate behavior of their children in the library. Children under 9 years old should never be in the library unattended and although children 9 and up can be left in the library to complete homework or read, they should always know how to reach their adult.

Best Regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director