Time limit on public computers

time to use all computers should be extended to more than 4 hours a day, its a public library with public access we should be able to do that till library closes not be limited…

Dear Patron,
Thank-you for your inquiry regarding the quota for using the public computers in the library. While I understand your frustration with the limit of four hours per day, the limit is necessary in order to better serve the large number of people who need to use our computers. While we would love to offer all of our patrons as much time as they needed, the demand for the computers does not allow us to do this. We need to make sure that everyone who needs the computer is able to get one and use it for a reasonable amount of time. We are glad to offer laptops to patrons over 18 years of age who have library cards, owe less than $5.00 in fines, and can produce an ID. You can use these laptops anywhere in our building for up to two hours. These laptops have both Internet and printing capabilities and can be checked out twice a day for a total of four hours a day (in addition to the four hours a day on the desktop computers in the reference area.) If the demand for computer use decreases, we will certainly revisit the daily limit, but at this time, we cannot do that.

Thank-you for your comment.

Laura Bernheim
Head Reference Librarian