Black History Month Display

In my opinion, the small book display “Black History Month” near the computer area was poorly done. Why 3 books on Colin Powell? There are many black people who deserved to be featured instead. How about Louis Armstrong, Jackie Robinson or Paul Robeson, just to name a few?

Thanks for your interest in the library’s displays. There were many people featured in the Black History Month display; no political bent was intended. In fact when displays are originally set up, efforts are always made to find a well-rounded group of items. As materials are checked out and empty spaces are filled in, the choices with which to fill get fewer. It’s possible that so many people shared your view that most of the books on other prominent people of color were the ones checked out from the display, leaving behind Mr. Powell on display. The aim of displaying different books is to generate interest and get more books checked out and that it did.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

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