Audiobooks on CD

It would be very helpful to put the number of CDs on the spine of audiobooks. I would not have to spend so much time looking at each one for this info. We like to listen in the car, but only want 5 or 6 CDs.

I’m so delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the audiobooks collection! As an avid listener myself, I understand that sometimes book duration can be almost as important as the genre or subject. While I’m glad that you’ve been able to utilize this contents label, there are 2 reasons why the label has not been placed on the spine. Its primary purpose is for library staff in 41 libraries around the network. Each time an audiobook is checked in or out it is crucial that the material is checked for completeness. Therefore, the 2 labels that the staff are required to seek out: the barcode and the # of discs, are placed next to one another. The other reason is just a matter of space: some audiobooks are trying to cram a lot of text onto their spines, including author name and book title. There’s just not a lot of room to add another label (or to add to the information on the existing spine label) that won’t cover up more important information.

Keep listening!

Kind regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

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