Bathrooms… UPDATE


My comments are about the bathrooms. They are dirty. My daughter comes to the library for homework help but we always find the bathrooms not so clean. Can you change this?

Thank you.

Keeping the bathrooms clean in a busy public building is an ongoing challenge. I am sorry you have found ours to be a problem.

Our custodial staff is scheduled to check the bathrooms three times a day, with floors cleaned every morning and a complete cleaning at closing. I have let them know about your comments and I will work with them to improve the situation.

Kate Tranquada
Library Director

Keeping the bathrooms clean has become even more of a challenge. Until this fall, the Library had two full-time custodians on staff. Because of a City-wide hiring freeze, we are down to only one full-time custodian. While the bathrooms are still cleaned each day and every effort will be made to check on them during the day, this big, heavily-visited facility requires more attention than 1 full-time person can provide. Efforts are being made to restore some custodial help in the library, but in the meantime, please alert the library staff if you encounter a specific incident or area needing attention. We’ll do our best to remedy the situation as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience.
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

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