On request list and still waiting

I’m on the request list for a book. I signed up 4-5 months before publication. Now the book is in the library. One copy is a Speed Read and one is a Rental. I’m still waiting.
Is there some way you can put a box on the request form, so people who want to could get the Rental or Speed Read first? After all, I’ve been waiting.

Thank you.

I’m glad you’re utilizing the request service here at the library. Here’s how it works with new, hot bestsellers:
At least 1 Speed Read, 1 Rental and several regular copies of the book are purchased. The more requests Waltham patrons place, the more copies the library buys. The regular copies start going out to the first patrons on the request list while the Rental(s) and Speed Read(s) go out to the shelf for the browsing patrons. As regular copies are returned, they go to the next patrons on the request list. Rental copies are purchased by the Friends of the WPL and cost $1 for 1 week to rent. These copies are not eligible to fill requests, but are more for browsing patrons who would rather pay $1 and have it now than wait until a free copy is available. The money goes back to the Friends to buy more rental books, movies, museum passes and library programming. Speed Reads are also not eligible to fill requests, but are free and you have to be lucky to spot one. Patrons who are on the waiting list and do see either a Speed Read or a Rental available in the library are, of course, welcome to borrow or rent them and cancel their request. It’s sort of a trade off: you can guarantee a free copy will be held for you by placing a request or you can gamble and hope you find one of the copies available to a browsing patron.

This way we serve as many patrons as we can, whether they are here in person or placing a request from home.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


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