New Movies

There have not been any new movies in the last 2 to 3 months. I am very disappointed in this.


Dear CM,

I’m sorry if you have not found new titles that look interesting to you. I can assure you that between 70 and 130 movies are ordered for the library each month, including feature, documentary, Children’s, blu-ray and nonfiction titles. Please feel free to make recommendations for purchases at the AV desk. OR, on the library’s website, under Common Tasks, there is a link to Suggest a book or other item for the library to purchase.

Perhaps the very best titles were checked out when you visited. There’s a sign posted on the AV Desk each month listing all the new movie acquisitions and this list can be emailed to if you like! On the library website, on the left side, there’s a link to Subscribe to Library News. Simply enter an email address and then choose which lists or newsletters you’d be interested in receiving. Then you’ll be sure to know about all the latest movies the library has to offer, even if they’re checked out.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director/AV Librarian


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