Men’s Room

Great Library! Men’s Room sucks. There’s only 1 toilet, there are often lines and it’s not cleaned frequently enough. Is renovation scheduled?

Thanks for the compliment and I’m sorry you’ve experienced problems with the Men’s Room. The amount of use that the room receives is far beyond what it was when this part of the library was constructed in 1994. We would very much like to expand the rest room facilities in our library and discussions about how to accomplish this have taken place, but no construction is scheduled at this time.

One excellent point that you make is that there are often lines of people waiting to use the room. This high volume of use contributes to the room being difficult to clean during operating hours and also the speed at which it gets dirty again. There is a routine, however:
• Before opening each day, floors are mopped.
• Every day: sink, toilet, glass, metal, plastic, tables & counters are all cleaned; soap, towels, toilet paper refilled;
• Supplies are checked during the day and refilled if needed
• Once a week: major scrubbing
• Once a year: professional tile power wash and resealing of grout.

If you encounter a specific issue needing attention, please do alert the staff and every effort will be made to take care of it as soon as possible.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


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