Great Children’s Room, Long wait list

I want to tell you how much my 2-yr-old daughter and I LOVE your library. The Children’s Department provides loads of fun for us. We come to play when the weather’s bad. We love the selection of Patricia Polacco books. I enjoy movies, books and music and the library staff is always helpful.

I do have one sort-of disappointment: When there’s a popular CD, only one copy and 26 holds, I lose interest. I think for NEW items there should be a 1-week borrowing time. Otherwise you’re doing a great job.

Leah & L.A.

Hello Leah & L.A !
Thank you for that bunch of compliments. I’m so glad that you’ve been able to use so many library items and services.

It sure can be tough to wait when there is a popular item that you’d like to borrow. Sometimes the situation isn’t a bad as it looks, though; the catalog can be a little misleading. When you search for an item at a catalog at the library, it automatically limits your search to just the Waltham copies, unless you choose otherwise when you search. The result you see then is all the holds in the entire Minuteman Network for 43 libraries, but only the number of copies owned in Waltham. This paints a confusing picture since other libraries probably own copies too. (Change that box that says WALTHAM to ALL LOCATIONS and you’ll see all the other libraries that also have copies.) The 26 holds you mentioned may actually have 30 copies in the network that could help to fill your request.

Placing a request helps out in another way too. If there are Waltham patrons waiting for items that we don’t have, those items come up on a report to help us decide what items to buy. So, the list may not be as long as you think AND you’re helping the library staff choose materials people want. Request away!

Kind regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

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