Cell phone policy

If there is a no cell phone policy in certain areas, why not enforce it or at least post signs in prominent places?

Thanks for your concern. Polite cell phone use is permitted on the Ground and 1st floors and we do our best to hush people when the volume gets beyond “polite”. Signs also encourage patrons to set phones to silent or vibrate. Stairwells are the most troublesome areas since a conversation there, on a phone or not, echoes significantly throughout the building. Prominent signs are posted in stairwells and the 2nd floor which is reserved for individual, silent study. Often staff are providing services to patrons when rules are broken elsewhere but need to complete transactions with one patron before enforcing rules with others. If you encounter a cell phone conversation happening in an inappropriate area or impolite manner, do alert the staff who will try their best to remedy the situation while it is occurring.

Best regards,
Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director


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