No Smoking on Library Grounds

It’s a shame that the library is not able or willing to enforce its “No Smoking on Library Grounds” rule. Exiting patrons are often forced into a cloud of smoke, not to mention the litter of discarded cigarette butts. One Tuesday there were three smokers sitting on the steps, blocking the entrance.

I can certainly appreciate your frustration with having to walk through smoke to visit the library. Smokers are spoken to and moved outside the iron fences whenever staff encounter smokers there. “Smokers outposts” or ashtrays are available at the edges of the grounds as well as signs to let smokers know to properly dispose of the butts there. You can help us enforce our policy by letting staff know as soon as you encounter smokers on the library grounds. That way we can address it directly at the time that it is occurring.

Deb Fasulo
Assistant Library Director

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