High School Summer Reading Lists

Thank-you to Maizie Bourgeois from the English Department at Waltham High School for sending the high school summer reading lists for 2011 to the public library. Printable copies of the lists are provided below as well as the 2011 reading log. If you can’t find the title at the library, we will be happy to help you request it. Thanks also to English Department Chair, Tom O’Toole, for arranging to loan us multiple copies of The Hunger Games, the required book for all incoming freshmen. This librarian, however, is recommending you read it whether or not you’re entering freshman year. (Even if it’s been many many years since you were in high school!) It’s a great book and trilogy!
The school summer reading lists are created by members of the school department. If you have any questions about the lists, please contact the school department at 781-314-5440.