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Hey everyone, I just want to say thanks for making the video game afternoon at the library, on Thursday, February 19 such a great time. I hope that you all had fun. Rock Band was definitely the game of choice, with Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” the most popular song. I was in middle school when Bon Jovi released that song so I was amused that you all loved the song that much. I tried very briefly to play Rock Band and I made a complete fool out of myself on the guitar and did not fare much better on the drums. My thanks to those of you who “saved” me so I could come back into the game. Luckily, enough people were into Rock Band so I didn’t have to step in, in order to round out the quartet. From what I saw, it certainly seemed as if the drums and the singing were the hottest parts of the video, but those of you who played guitar really seemed to know what you were doing.
American Idol was also popular. At one point, there were so many people huddled around the “American Idol” tv, that some of us couldn’t see the screen. But, luckily, everyone was nice and patiently waited their turn.
For those who wanted to take a break from technology, there were also board games on hand. Uno won out and there were some serious Uno competitions happening.
Thanks again to everyone who participated and to library consultant, Beth Gallaway, who provided all of the games and most of the equipment. Hopefully, we will be able to invest in some games ourselves so that we can do this, again.
And, if you missed it, check out Friday’s edition of The Daily News Tribune for a front page photo from the event.
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