Teen Book Review — Hope was Here

Check out this great book review written by one of our teens for our summer reading program!

Title: Hope was Here
Author: Joan Bauer
Stars (out of 5): 4
Review: Hope was left by her mother and lives with her aunt. Hope and her aunt move to a town in Wisconsin. Hope works as a waitress and her aunt works as a cook. The owner G.T. is very nice to both Hope and her aunt. G.T. then runs for mayor. It all comes down to the day where the annouce the mayor of the city and it turns out to be the other canidate. It turns out that the person who “won” had cheated so G.T. was actually elected mayor. Throughout the book Hope and G.T. made many connections and became very close. G.T. also married Hope’s aunt and became Hope’s dad.
Written by an eighth grader.

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