Reading some Teen Books

Here are some of the teen books that I have read, lately:
Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter
Didn’t know much about the daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony? Neither did I. This historical novel is fiction, remember, so while all of the facts aren’t there, it will still create a picture of life in the days of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra Selene, along with her twin brother and younger brother, are forced to live in Rome in the palace of Octavianus Caesar, after the death of her parents, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, in Egypt. Imagine being forced from your home to live with people who took over your country and cheered the deaths of your parents? I loved this book and can’t wait to read a biography of Cleopatra, to get a sense of the real story.

Lark by Tracey Porter
This short novel, told from three points of view, discusses how the kidnapping and murder of 16 year old Lark affects those who knew her. Lark herself is one of the narrators, and her kidnapping is really frightening at times. Everyone who knows me knows how I feel about dead narrators (I don’t care for them, usually), but in this case, it works, especially interwoven with thoughts of Lark’s former best friend, Eve, and former babysitting charge, Nyetta.

Silhouetted by the Blue by Traci L. Jones
Seventh grader, Serena, is so excited to land a leading role in the school music, The Wiz. She has always dreamed of getting into musical theater. Unfortunately, her father is less excited. In fact, he doesn’t get excited about much of anything. His depression has taken a turn for the worse since Serena’s mother died, and now Serena must deal with a father who won’t get out of bed, caring for a younger brother, and well meaning relatives who are just not around. This book was so sad, yet so moving. Poor Serena really wanted to just be a regular pre-teen and focus on her play, yet had to play grown up for her family. She was a great character to root for.

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