Teen Book Review — Bruises

Title: Bruises

Author: Ankes De Vries

Stars (out of 5): 5

Review: A young elementary student keeps all secrets to herself, one of them including the fact that her mother beats her for no apparent reason. Sometimes, she is beaten so badly she cannot even attend school for a few days. When Judith comes to school with bruises, her teacher asks her what happened, but all Judith does is make an excuse that she fell down the stairs or was clumsy and bumped into something. She is too afraid to tell people the real truth or else she might be beaten by her mother again. At school, Judith meets this boy named Michael. She has never had a friend in her life and she is extremely glad to have such a nice friend like Michael. Even though Michael is very trustworthy, Judith doesn’t dare tell him her secrets until one day, Michael discovers then on his own. I recommend this book to teens because of some of the details, but it was a book that I enjoyed reading and that moved me!

This review was written by a 9th grader.

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