Teen Book Review — The House of Hades

Title: The House of Hades
Author: Rick Riordan
Stars (out of 5): 3
Review: Although I enjoyed the book thoroughly, and was excited throughout, I found the storyline disappointing in comparison to Rick Riordan’s previous books, including books from the same series (The Heroes of Olympus). I am thrilled that he decided to continue to include and build upon characters from The Percy Jackson series – I loved the mix of new and old characters.
One of my main issues is that the heroes continuously escape situations in ways that I don’t find believable even in this fantastical world. For a fantasy world to be truly compelling, it must make the reader believe that what happens is possible in an alternate universe, and I think that Riordan managed that up until this book. In The House of Hades, heroes continuously became beyond what they believed possible before and somehow managed to pull themselves completely together just at the right moment to save the day. I kept hoping for a clever escape. but that hope was not rewarded. I also found Tartarus I disappointing character. I was extremely excited that Tartarus found a human form, but was then disappointed at the ease of his distraction. While the tongue-in-cheek humor is obvious and enjoyable throughout the book, I was hoping that Tartarus, and later in the book Clytius the giant, would be more serious characters, and as I said before, harder to defeat. Sadly Tartarus was stalled by banter (although ultimately, there was sacrifice made in order to allow Percy and Annabeth to escape, so I will give credit for that), and Clytius was easily defeated by the demigods finding bursts of impossible strength…again.
So while I did enjoy the book, and will certainly read the next one, I was not overly impressed with the story, even though I usually am with Riodan’s books.

This review was written by a 10th grader.

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