Teen Book Review — Allegiant

Title: Allegiant
Author: Veronica Roth
Stars (out of 5): 5
Review: Allegiant is a book that will make you cry. Literally cry. Like buckets of tears. But only at the end. The rest of the book is extremely action-packed and I really liked how Roth tested the waters with Tris and Tobias at just the right time. This book was dramatic, action-packed and really sad. Although it wasn’t a very happy book, I would gladly read it again.

This review was written by a 6th grader.

Teen Book Review — After Iris

Title: After Iris
Author: Natasha Farrant
Stars (out of 5): 4
Review: This book, set in London, is a sad book, albeit, but it was also really good despite the fact that I thought it was kind of unfinished. The ending was strange and didn’t answer a lot of questions, but the characters seemed natural and the feelings that the characters felt seemed real. All in all, this book was just fine, but it certainly was not one of my favorites.

This review was written by a 6th grader.

Teen Book Review — City of Fallen Angels

Title: City of Fallen Angels
Author: Cassandra Clare
Stars (out of 5): 3
Review: The series started great but this book seems to be stretching the story. It’s still fun to read.

This review was written by a 10th grader.

Teen Book Review — Four: A Divergent Collection

Title: Four: A Divergent Collection
Author: Veronica Roth
Stars (out of 5): 4
Review: I read this book on vacation. It was an okay book, probably not my favorite, but c’mon guys, it’s Divergent! I found Four’s voice to be a little drab… I much prefer Tris’s point of view to his. But I still enjoyed the book. Don’t get me wrong, I love the series, but this was the underdog of the group.

This review was written by a 6th grader.

Teen Book Review — Hoot

Title: Hoot
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Stars (out of 5): 5
Review: I chose this book because my brother read it so I thought I would try it too. One of the main characters, Dana forces Roy’s head out a window and while this is happening, Roy sees a running boy. I was curious to see what would happen to Roy and where the boy was running I think you will like to find out what Roy & the running boy do next too!

This review was written by a 6th grader.

New YA Books — September 18, 2014

Here are three new YA Books which have been added to our library collection. Click on a title to place a hold:

  • Ghosting by Edith Patou
    If you’re a fan of Ellen Hopkins mainly for her free verse format, then you should check out this book. Eight teens are involved in a prank which doesn’t go according to plan and all give their accounts of the tragedy.
  • Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
    This is the third book by Stephanie Perkins taking place at the School America of Paris, starting with Anna and the French Kiss.
  • The Young World by Chris Weitz
    Teenagers suddenly find themselves ruling the world after a disease has wiped out most of the world’s population in this novel written by the director of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

New YA Books — September 15, 2014

Amity by Micol Ostow
Every few weeks, I’ll be creating lists of new Young Adult Books which have been added to our collection. Here are the three which came today:

  • Can’t Look Away by Donna Cooner
    Internet star, Torrey Gray, deals with the grief and aftermath of her sister’s tragic death in a car accident.
  • Bombay Blues by Tanuja Desai Hidier
    The long awaited sequel to Born Confused, tells the further adventures of Dimple Lala as she learns more about herself and loved ones on a trip to Bombay.
  • Girl Defective by Simmone Howell
    The newest novel from the author of Notes from the Teenage Underground, this is perfect for fans who have a taste for vintage albums!
  • Amity by Micol Ostow
    This creepy (in a good way!) book takes place right in our backyard in a New England town. Don’t read this late at night! Members of our joint public library/high school book club had the pleasure of visiting with the author, Micol Ostow, via Skype after she wrote her novel, family.

Teen Summer Reading Program 2014

image from East Cleveland Public Library

It’s that time of year, again! If you are going into grades 6-12, you can take part in our teen summer reading program. Participate and get a free ice cream at Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream! The top readers will get gift certificates to a local bookstore. Just fill out a form every time you read a book or send an e-mail to lbernheim@minlib.net. Get extra credit if you write a review and then read your review online! You can read books, comic books, graphic novels, or magazines. You can even write a review of a movie and we’ll post that, too! You can even get extra credit if you read the Waltham High School One Book, One School choice, Ready, Player, One

Black Friday events — Krypton, Crafts, Video Games, oh my!

Looking for something to do on your day off from school on Friday? You could go shopping and deal with an insane amount of people at the malls or you could come to the library. Here are the options:

  • You can go to the mall, get trampled by a bunch of people and have to rely on Superman to come save you
    You can come to the library and watch Superman on film in the movie Man of Steel in our lecture hall at 1 pm.
  • You can go to a store to buy your favorite video game, only to either stand in line for an hour and pay tons of money for it or discover that your favorite video game is sold out.
    You can come to the library and check out our brand new game collections for teens, kids, and adults. And you can keep the game for one week, for free!
  • You can go to a fancy store and buy a really nice frame as a gift for someone important in your life and then you drop it and break it before you even have a chance to wrap it.
    You can come to the library anytime between 9 and 5 on Friday and make a magnetic photo frame to give as a gift. And, of course, the person will appreciate that gift since you made it yourself!
  • You can stand in line for three hours at a donut shop to pay $5.00 for a coffee drink and a donut.
    You can come to the library and get FREE hot drinks and snacks.

I think the choice is pretty clear!

Teen Book Review: Idi Amin

Title: Idi Amin
Author: Steve Dougherty
Stars (out of 5): 4
Review: This book was very explanatory about the era of the 60s-70s in Uganda. Enter Idi Amin, a ruthless, brutal man will stop at nothing to get what he wants, to be the leader of Uganda.

This review was written by a 6th grader.

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