Online Safety

The Internet is a valuable tool for research, entertainment and communication. The following sites give valuable advice that will help adults and children make the most of the Internet safely and securely.
  • Larry Magid is an expert in the field of online safety and gives helpful advice with a down-to-earth attitude. His Child Safety on the Information Highway is an invaluable resource for parents and kids. Other Larry Magrid sites include:
  • TeenAngels is an example of a site that teaches online safety in a way thatís appealing to kids.

  • Get is an excellent resource for online safety information for both children and adults. It covers privacy, security and spam issues as well as online safety for kids.

  • Kid's Web is a Website created by the Minuteman Library Network for children, parents and teachers. It links to over 600 sites with information on all aspects of school assignments, hobbies, crafts and other topics of interest to children.

  • El Paso Library in Texas has excellent tips for safe web surfing.

*Most of the content of this page was used with permission from Sudbury's Goodnow Library.