Plants and Seeds: Cycles in Nature

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Picture Books

Author Title Call Number
Anderson, Judith Once There was a Seed E Picture Bks/Nonfic/Orange
Bulla, Clyde Robert A Tree is a Plant E Picture Bks/Nonfic/Orange
Bunting, Eve Sunflower House E Picture/B
Child, Lauren I Will Never Not Eat a Tomato E Picture/C
Cole, Henry Jack's Garden E Picture/C
Demi The Empty Pot E Picture/D
Doyle, Malachy Jody's Beans E Picture/D
Garland, Sarah Eddie's Garden and How to Make Things Grow E Picture/G
Himmelman, John A Dandelion's Life E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Hoberman, Maryann Whose Garden Is It? E Picture Bks/H
Johnston, Tony The Whole Green World E Picture Bks/J
Krauss, Ruth The Carrot Seed E Pbk/K
Marzollo, Jean I'm a Seed E Easy Reader/M/yellow
Relf, Patricia The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds: A Book About How Living Things Grow E Pbk/C
Richards, Jean A Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Rockwell, Anne One Bean E Picture Bks/R
Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! E Picture Bks/W

Facts About Plants and Seeds

Aston, Dianna Hutts A Seed is Sleepy j581.467 Aston
Baca, Ana Chiles for Benito j468 Baca
Burton, Jane The Nature and Science of Seeds
j581.467 Burton
Carle, Eric The Tiny Seed j582 Carle
Ganeri, Anita What's Inside Plants? j581 Gameri
Gibbons, Gail From Seed to Plant E Picture Bks/Nonfic
Gibbons, Gail Farming E Picture Bks/Nonfic Gibbons
Goodman, Susan Seeds, Stems, and Stamens: The Ways Plants Fit into their World
j581.4 Goodman
Greenaway, Theresa Plant Life
j581 Greenaway
Hewitt, Sally Plants and Flowers j580 Hewitt
Hodges, Margaret The True Tale of Johnny Appleseed
Huggins-Cooper, Lynn Plants and flowers
E Picture Bks/Nonfic Orange
Jakab, Cheryl Plant Life Cycle j580 Jakab
Kittinger, Jo S. Dead Log Alive! j574.526 Kittinger
Peterson, Chris Harvest Year
j630.973 Petersen
Pfeffer, Wendy A Log's Life
j574.526 Pfeffer
Ray, Deborah Kogan Lily's Garden
j641.35 Ray
Robbins, Ken Seeds
j581.467 Robbins
Watts, Barrie Watch it Grow: Sunflower E Picture Bks/Nonfic Orange

***List compiled by Stefanie Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library and Kim Hunter & Paula Jordan of the Waltham Fields Community Farm