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Stories and Pictures Books about Worms and Other Decomposers

Author Title Call Number
Arnold, Caroline Wiggle and Waggle E Picture Bks/A
Barraclough, Sue Earthworms E Picture Bks/Nonfic
deGroat, Diane Ants in Your Pants, Worms in Your Plants! E Picture Bks/D
French, VivianYucky Worms E Picture Bks/F
Gore, Leonid Worms for Lunch E Toddler Bks/G
Himmelman, John An Earthworm's Life E Picture Bks/Little
Johanson, Sarah M. Caillou: The Magic of Compost E Pbk/C
Kalman, Bobbie Nature's Cleaners E Picture Bks/Nonfic/Orange
Siddals, Mary McKenna Compost Stew: an A to Z Recipe for Earth E Picture Bks/ABC
Tseng, Kevin Ned's New Home E Picture Bks/T
Ziefert, Harriet Worm Day jM Fiction/Ziefert

Facts About Decomposers

Bailey, Jill Life in a Garbage Dump j577.55 Bailey
Bodden, Valerie Worms j592.3 Bodden
Chappell, Rachel What's Going on in the Compost Pile? j631.875 Chappell
Glaser, Linda Wonderful Worms j595.1 Glaser
Jakab, Cheryl The Food Cycle j577.16 Jakab
Kittinger, Jo S. Dead Log Alive! j574.526 Kittinger
Koontz, Robin Composting: Nature's Recyclers j631.875 Koontz
Lavies, Bianca Compost Critters j591.526
Pascoe, Elaine Ecosystem of a Fallen Tree j577 Pascoe
Pascoe, Elaine Earthworms j595.146 Pascoe
Pfeffer, Wendy A Log's Life j574.526 Pfeffer
Ross, Michael Wormology j595.146 Ross
***List compiled by Stefanie Aucoin of the Waltham Public Library and Kim Hunter of the Waltham Fields Community Farm***