Digitized Books on Waltham History

The Waltham Public Library owns many books about Waltham's history which are located on the shelves of the Waltham Room. Thanks to the efforts of the Internet Archive, a non-profit engaged in making books and other media available free online, some of our books have been scanned and are now accessible digitally. These works, mostly published before the 1920s or by governmental bodies, are now either out of copyright or in the public domain and can be used with no restrictions.

The following are those Waltham books that are now available online. Even those that did not originally contain tables of contents or indexes can be searched easily, and printouts can be made. The Optical Character Recognition software used for this is very good, but not perfect, so patience is sometimes needed. Follow the text link for the online edition.

A great many other pre-1920 books in our Waltham Room covering many local history and genealogy topics have now also been digitized. Check our Minuteman catalog for the links.


Abbott, Henry G. History of the American Waltham Watch Company of Waltham, MA. Chicago: American Jeweler Print, 1905.

Barry, Ephraim L. The City of Waltham, Massachusetts: Its advantages to Manufacturers and as a Place of Residence. Waltham, MA: Waltham Board of Trade, 1887.

Bond, Henry. Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, including Waltham and Weston; to which is appended the Early History of the Town. Boston: N.E. Historic-Genealogical Society, 1860.

Edison Electric Illuminating Company of Boston. Certain Towns and Cities Adjacent to Boston and the Boston Edison System. Boston: Edison Electric Illuminating Co., 1909.

Marsh, Edward A. The evolution of automatic machinery : as applied to the manufacture of watches at Waltham, MA, by the American Waltham Watch Company. Chicago: Geo. K. Hazlitt & Co., 1896.

Mirror: Waltham High School. Waltham, MA: Waltham High School, 1900-1990.

Nelson, Charles Alexander. Waltham, Past and Present; and its Industries. With an Historical Sketch of Watertown from its Settlement in 1630 to the Incorporation of Waltham. Cambridge, MA: T. Lewis, 1879.

Proceedings at the Celebration of the Sesqui-Centennial of the Town of Waltham, Held in Music Hall, on Monday, January 16th, 1888. Waltham, MA: Press of E. L. Barry, 1893.

Record of the West Precinct of Watertown, Massachusetts, 1720 to 1737-38. Waltham, MA: Board of Aldermen, 1913.

Rutter, Josiah . Historical Address Delivered Before the Citizens of Waltham, July 4, 1876. Waltham, MA: Waltham Free Press Office, 1877.

Vital Records of Waltham, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Boston: New-England Historic Genealogical Society, 1904.

Waltham, Massachusetts City Directory. Malden, MA: R.L. Polk & Co., 1872-1990.

Waltham Union League. Report of the Committee of the Waltham Union League. Boston: J. Wilson and Son, 1863.