We aim to offer public access to up-to-date and well-ordered notices of local events, activities and resources.

Please bring any material you would like posted to the 1st floor Circulation Desk. We will handle all items according to the guidelines below.
With limited space for public notices, we rely on the following procedures and guidelines to allow for the most effective use of the room.

How Does it Work?

  • All items are reviewed & dated by the Community Information Room Coordinator before posting.
  • Items will be posted no more than 3 weeks prior to the event on the notice.
  • Board, Notebook and Shelf contents are weeded and updated weekly.
  • Ongoing Events stay up for 1 month and then go into the Ongoing Events/Programs notebook.
  • Items in notebooks with no clear expiration date are kept no more than 3 months.

What is included?

  • Local information that is not easy or not possible to find online or in the major media. Waltham events receive priority.
  • Priority is given to notices of events that are free and open to the public, fundraising efforts on behalf of local non-profit organizations, and courses offered by educational institutions.
  • Private notices are limited to “classified ads,” listing items such as apartments for rent or yard sales; and fliers from Waltham-based small business, such as tutors, lawn care providers, childcare providers, and music teachers.
  • Children’s events are posted in the Children’s Department.

How is it Organized?

  • Bulletin Boards
    • Arts
    • Area Events
    • Education
    • Health/Seniors
    • International
    • Waltham News and Events
  • Notebooks
    • Tutoring Services/Lessons
    • On-Going Events/Programs
    • Jobs/Job Training/Volunteer Opportunities
    • "Classified Ads" -- items for sale, workshops, etc.
  • Shelves
    Free catalogs, applications and periodicals that are delivered in bulk will be placed on shelves. These publications include local newspapers, continuing education catalogs, and applications for local events and programs.
Please click here for a printable copy.