Donation Guidelines

Donation Policy Thank you for thinking of the Waltham Public Library. Each year, the library purchases thousands of print and non-print materials. With modern technology, it is actually more expensive for us to accept a donation and prepare it for circulation than it is for us to purchase a title that comes ready for the shelf. Thus, we have found it necessary to place some limits on what we can accept for our collection and our book sale.

Please contact the Library Director if you have questions about donations that are not covered by these guidelines.

For our collection: The Waltham Public Library only accepts books for our collection that have been published in the last year, and are in excellent physical condition, as determined by library staff. The Waltham Public Library provides a slip for your records, indicating the number of items donated to us. We are unable to provide any further written acknowledgement for donations, nor do we possess the qualifications to appraise the value of materials.

For our book sale: The Library has learned from many years of experience what does and does not sell at our annual book sale. We have to be selective because of storage limitations and the labor involved in sorting so many items. Materials in poor condition (moldy, torn, soiled, water damaged, etc.) cannot be accepted. Encyclopedias, reference materials, text books, or artwork cannot be accepted for our collection or the book sale.

Approved by Board of Library Trustees 6/16/15

The following are locations in the Waltham area that accept book donations: