Resources at the Library
  • Reference Desk
    The librarians at the reference desk can help you locate the travel guides, as well as guide you through using computers, as well as point you to some helpful resources.

  • Travel Books
    Travel Books are in the non-fiction area on the second floor.
    • Travel Books Call Numbers
    • Europe: 914 - 914.99
    • Asia/Middle East: 915 - 915.99
    • Africa: 916 - 916.98
    • North America (general): 917
    • Canada: 917.1 - 917.18
    • Mexico: 917.2 - 917.273
    • Central America: 918.28 - 918.287
    • Caribbean: 917.29 - 917.299
    • United States (general): 917.3
    • New England: 917.4 - 917.46
    • Mid-Atlantic States (including Virginia and West Virginia): 917.5 - 917.554
    • Washington, DC: 917.53
    • Southeastern United States (south of Virginia): 917.56 - 917.5941
    • South (including Gulf Coast states, such as Louisiana and Texas): 917.6 - 917.69
    • Mid-West (including Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri): 917.7 - 917.78
    • American West (Alaska is included in this category): 917.8 - 917.98
    • Hawaii: 919.69
    • South America: 918 - 918.7
    • South Pacific, South Seas (including Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji): 919 - 919.7
    • Arctic and Antarctic: 919.8 - 919.89
  • Books can be taken home for three weeks and renewed twice.

  • Computers
    • Use a computer at the library to do travel research, make reservations, or print out your boarding passes.

    • Desktop computers are available to use for up to one hour in the reference area on a first come, first serve basis. You may walk up to a free computer if available or enter the online waiting list if all are full. Use your library card to log in. Printing is available for 10 cents a page.

    • Desktop computers are available to use for up to two hours in the reference area by reservation. Call or come in to the library the day that you would like to reserve. Use your library card to log in and reserve. Printing is available for 10 cents a page.

    • Laptop computers are available to use in the library for up to two hours. Access the library wireless network and use Microsoft Office 2007. Use your library card to check one out at the main circulation desk. Printing is not available from the laptops.

    • Use your own laptop to access the library wireless network throughout the whole building. Printing is not available for laptops.

  • Computer Classes
    • The library offers, through the generous support of SAHELI, free computer classes. Check event calendar for details.

  • Online Resources for Waltham residents and library patrons
    The following are subscription databases that Waltham residents can access from home using their library card. All library visitors can access these in the library at one of our desktop computers.
    • Mango Languages
      Learn several foreign languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Greek, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese. English Language Learners can also take advantage of Mango's ESOL options. While Waltham residents need to type in their library card numbers to use this database away from the library, users can also create online accounts to bookmark their places.

    • Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Collection
      For those who want to do some nitty gritty research about travel destinations and the tourism industry.

    • Culinary Arts Collection
      Read restaurant reviews and study the cuisine for your travel destination.

    • Pop Culture Universe
      Find out what's trendy at your vacation destination, whether it's Cleveland, Ohio, or South Africa.

    Free Online Sources
    The following are free websites that you can access anywhere in the world with Internet access.

    Sites that Compare Prices Between Airlines, Travel Sites, Etc.
    • Cheap Flights
      Searches multiple airline and online travel sites.

    • Fly.Com
      This airfare Search Engine even includes taxes.

    • Inside Trip
      The only airfare search engine that compares 12 important factors like legroom, aircraft age and on-time performance.

    • Kayak
      Comparison shopping website.

    • Sidestep
      Another comparison shopping website.

    • Travel Zoo
      Discount travel site.

    • Voyij
      Comprehensive travel deals and sales under one roof.
    Airline Information
    Travel Reservation Sites
    • Expedia
      Book reservations for airlines, hotels, cruisesm and rental cars.

    • Orbitz
      One of the original on line travel reservation services. No Jet Blue or Southwest on this site.

    • Priceline
      A site that allows travelers to name a price.

    • Skyscanner
      Seach and book flights between European countries. Prices are in Euros.

    • Travelocity
      Online travel agency.

    • Trip Advisor
      Including lots of reviews for hotels, airlines, and vacation rentals.
    Hotels and Places to Stay
    Specific Travel Needs and Information Currency Conversion Sites Country Information and Weather Forecasts
    • Portals to the World
      Web sites selected from the Library of Congress include information on the social, political, economic and tourism aspects of a country

    • Current Travel Warnings
      U.S. State Department's List of travel warnings

    • Weather Underground
      Current weather and historical weather records in 60,000 cities.

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