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ThingImageDescriptionCatalog Link
Activity ApronActivity ApronA soft, wearable apron with interactive designs to help occupy those with Alzheimers or dementia Request Item
Arduino KitArduino KitJump into the world of programming and microcontrollers with the Arduino Kit Request Item
Beach UmbrellaAdjustable Beach UmbrellaAn adjustable beach umbrella Request Item
BIGtrack Oversize MouseBIGtrack oversize mouseAn oversized trackball with click buttons for those with mobility needs Request Item
BinocularsBinoculars8x magnification, lightweight binoculars Request Item
Binoculars: Night VisionSee in the dark with these night vision goggles. Request Item
(External) Blu-ray Drive for ComputersBlu-Ray DriveAn external Blu-ray drive/player that plugs into your computer via USB Request Item
Blue Light Blocking GlassesBlue Light Blocking GlassesReduces eyestrain when looking at monitors, laptops, TVs, phones, & tablets Request Item
Bluetooth SpeakerAnker Bluetooth SpeakerA portable bluetooth speaker by Anker Request Item
BongosBongosA set of two bongos by Meinl Request Item
Bouncy HouseBouncy HouseLittle Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer Request Item
Car ScannerCar ScannerDiagnose your car problems yourself with a professional OBD Car Scanner Request Item
Color Blind GlassesColor Blind GlassesAdult sized glasses for correcting red-green color blindness only, not for other types of color blindness and not for use by children. Request Item
Coin SorterCoin SorterA manually operated coin sorter Request Item
Converter: Cassette-to-MP3Cassette to MP3 ConverterTurn your old cassettes into MP3sRequest Item
Converter: LP to MP3Vinyl to MP3 Digital ConverterTurn your old vinyl albums into MP3s Request Item
Converter: Film to DigitalFilm to DigitalConvert your slides and film to digital images Request Item
Converter/Scanner: Photos to DigitalPhoto to Digital ConverterConvert your photos to digital images Request Item
Converter: VHS-to-DigitalVideo to Digital ConverterTurn your old VHS tapes into DVDs Request Item
Cricut Explore Air 2Cricut Explore Air 2Create your own stickers, cards, and more with the Cricut cutter Request Item
Crochet Hooks and Knitting NeedlesCrochet Hooks and Knitting NeedlesA set of 22 aluminum crochet hooks and knitting needles of various sizes Request Item
DVD Player-PortableDVD Player-PortableA portable DVD player with swivel screenRequest Item
(External) DVD Drive for ComputersDVD Player for ComputersAn external DVD drive/player that plugs into your computer via USBRequest Item
Electromagnetic field testElectromagnetic field testerTest electric and magnetic radiation field emissions
Request Item
Folding ChairFolding ChairA portable folding camp chairRequest Item
Gardening ToolsGardening ToolsA set of 8 gardening tools with bag Request Item
Google ChromecastGoogle ChromecastCast movies and videos from your phone to your TVRequest Item
Google Home MiniGoogle Home MiniAsk this smart speaker to play music, answer your questions, tell you the news, & moreRequest Item
GoPro Hero HDGoPro Hero HDFilm all your adventures with the GoPro and share online Request Item
Hiking Birdwatching KitHiking Birdwatching KitGet outside and enjoy birdwatching with this kit that includes binoculars and a compass Request Item
Hotspotmobile hotspotMobile hotspots allow you to use wifi anywhere Request Item
iRig 2 Guitar Adaptor for Phones and TabletsiRig 2 Guitar Adaptor for Phones and Tablets by iRigPlay with virtual tracks and recordings with the iRig 2 guitar adaptor Request Item
Kalimbakalimba musical instrumentCreate music with a Kalimba Request Item
Karaoke System with CD+GsKaraoke System with CD+GsA Bluetooth enabled Karaoke machine with microphone and 3 CD+Gs included with checkoutRequest Item
Kill-a-Watt: Electricity MonitorKill-a-WattCheck your electricity usage in your house Request Item
Label MakerLabel MakerOrganize your life with a label makerRequest Item
LED Clip On Selfie RingLED Clip On Selfie RingTake your selfie game to the next level with a clip on LED light ring for your phoneRequest Item
Lens Kit for iPhone and AndroidLens Kit for iPhone and AndroidTake up close and incredibly detailed photos with a clip on adjustable camera lens for your phoneRequest Item
LevelLevelMake sure your pictures and constructions are level Request Item
Light Therapy LampLight therapy lampFight the winter blues with this small but powerful light therapy lampRequest Item
littleBits Inventor KitlittleBits Inventor KitCreate your own instruments and learn STEM principles with littleBits Request Item
littleBits Premium KitlittleBits Premium KitCreate your own instruments and learn STEM principles with littleBitsRequest Item
Metal Detector: OmmoMetal DetectorA lightweight and portable metal detectorRequest Item
Micro:bitMicro:bit GoA small programmable micro-computer that can be used to create projects and learn coding Request Item
Microscope: DigitalMicro:bit GoUSB Digital Microscope (2MP, 250x magnification) Compatible with Windows, Mac, & LinuxRequest Item
Nintendo DS Lite Retro Gaming SetNintendo DS Lite Retro Gaming SetA handheld gaming system from NintendoRequest Item
Nintendo SwitchNintendo SwitchThe latest gaming system from NintendoRequest Item
Paper ShredderPaper ShredderA small paper shredderRequest Item
Pocket Operator: Rhythm Machine Pocket Operator Rhythm PO12A programmable electronic handheld rhythm instrumentRequest Item
Pocket Operator: Factory SynthesizerPocket Operator Factory Synthesizer PO16A programmable electronic handheld synthesizerRequest Item
Photo Studio-PortablePortable Photo StudioA lightweight, foldable, and portable photo studio for professional photosRequest Item
Puzzle: Bedtime StoriesBedtime StoriesPuzzle of classic bedtime storiesRequest Item
Puzzle: Birds of the BackyardBirds of the backyardBeautiful birds of the backyard puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: Dreamy SantoriniDreamy SantoriniLandscape of Santorini puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: Eilean Donan CastleEilean Donan CastleAtmospheric castle puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: Great American NovelsGreat American Novels  PuzzleCollection of great American novels puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: Mont Saint Michel CastleMont Saint Michel PuzzleGorgeous puzzle of Mont Saint Michel in FranceRequest Item
Puzzle: The Family CampsiteThe Family Campsite PuzzleWhimsical and colorful puzzle of a family vacation campsiteRequest Item
Puzzle: Thomas Kinkade Stillwater CottageThomas Kinkade Stillwater Cottage PuzzlePeaceful and serene Thomas Kinkade puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: Fenway ParkPuzzle of Fenway ParkA sunny baseball game at Fenway Park puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: WingsWings puzzleA beautiful fantasy puzzleRequest Item
Puzzle: So Many Beers So Many Beers PuzzleA visual compilation of dozens of beers puzzleRequest Item
Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Raspberry Pi 3+ KitA tiny computer that can be used as a lightweight desktop or a tool to learn coding and create projects Request Item
Robot: OzobotOzobot Coding RobotCreate paths for Ozobot to run and learn about coding and STEM principles while having fun Request Item
Robot: Sphero Sphero SPRKTeach your Bluetooth enabled robot to roll, flip, spin, and change color with simple coding commands Request Item
Roku: Disney+ Roku: Disney+This Roku provides access to the Disney+ streaming service including: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more! Request Item
Roku: HBO Max Roku: HBO MaxThis Roku provides access to the HBO Max streaming service. Request Item
Roku: Hulu Roku: HuluThis Roku provides access to the Hulu streaming service. Request Item
Roku: MoviesAnywhere RokuConnect the Roku to your TV & WiFi network to watch movies via the library's MoviesAnywhere account. Request Item
Roku: Shudder Roku: ShudderThis Roku provides access to the Shudder streaming service for fans of horror movies Request Item
Scanner for documents (portable) Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document ScannerA portable scanner so you can scan your documents at home or on the go Request Item
Sewing Machine Sewing MachineA portable sewing machine for your projects Request Item
Stud Finder Stud FinderEasily find studs in your walls when hanging pictures & moreRequest Item
Synthesizer: Korg VOCABEATSVolcabeats Korg 16-Key SynthesizerCreate your own music with the Korg Volcabeats SynthesizerRequest Item
Telescope: Celestron Travel TelescopeView the night sky with this telescopeRequest Item
Thermal Leak Detector Thermal Leak DetectorDisover leaks in your walls due to insulation issues.Request Item
Tripod with Smartphone AdapterTripod With Smartphone AdapterA lightweight tripod with separate attachable mount for smartphonesRequest Item
UkuleleUkuleleA soprano ukuleleRequest Item
White Noise Sound MachineWhite Noise Sound MachineSleep easier and be more productive with the white noise sound machineRequest Item
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