Breezers Welcome: July 16 Mass. Memories Road Show

When I invite Waltham residents to bring their photos to the Mass. Memories Road Show in Waltham, I often hear, “But I haven’t lived in Waltham that long…”

That’s why we need you to contribute to this project!

Waltham has changed a good deal since the last big photo collection was shared in the form of that priceless book Waltham Rediscovered.  It’s time to take another snapshot of the city, adding the history we’re making now to the stories of Waltham roots reaching back generations.

Become a part of Massachusetts history by sharing photos and stories with a state-wide archive of local history that will be available at the Library, the Historical Society, and online for generations to come.

Take some time to go through your family photo albums and scrapbooks. Pick out two or three photographs that are important to you and best represent yourself, your family or your community.

Photos can be old or new; formal or snapshots; color or black-and-white. They can be photos of you, your children or your ancestors. They can be photos of weddings, family reunions, military service or holiday gatherings. They can be photos of town functions, sporting events, businesses, clubs, or everyday activities. Original, unframed photos are best; as are photos in which you can identify the people pictured.

Bring your photos to the National Archives (380 Trapelo Road, Waltham) on
Saturday, July 16
any time between 10:00 a
m – 3:00 pm.

Photos will be scanned and returned to you immediately.

  • The event is free and open to all
  • Refreshments will be provided to all participants
  • Experts will be available to answer questions about preserving your photos for your grandchildren’s grandchildren
  • Shuttle service to the National Archives leaves the Waltham Public Library on 7/16 at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm
  • For more information, contact Diane LeBlanc:,  781-663-0130
  • FAQ: More Frequently Asked Questions about the Mass. Memories Road Show in Waltham

Do you live, work, or study in Waltham?  See you on the 16th!

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Kate Tranquada

Ice Cream = Shir Madness!

The Friends of the Library served over 300 cups of ice cream last night, while the crowd listened and danced to the Shir Madness klezmer band.  Just another free program brought to you by the Friends of the Waltham Public Library!

Introducing Shir Madness

Introducing Shir Madness

Brisk sales

Brisk sales

Some work while others dance!

Some work while others dance!

MANY THANKS to Library Friends and Staff who made it happen:

Ed Burke
Michael Burke
Siobhan Burke
Norm MacDonald
Sandra MacDonald
Roni Beth Shapiro
Teresa Lorden
Parrish Rice
Janet Welch
Sheila FitzPatrick
Maria DiMaggio
Karen Condor
Anne Lundregan
Helene Day
Claire Kirley
Lela Chiavaras
Georgie Hallock
John Peacock
Gary Smith
Matthew Harvey
Andrew Cohen