Celebrate Diversity

Here in the Children’s Room we like to celebrate the diversity found in our city. We currently have books on display about Martin Luther King Day and in the near future we will have a Black History Month display. There is a Multicultural section in our Parent/Teacher corner. We have a Language section where you can find books to read in various languages as well as items to help you learn other languages. There is also a section where you can find books in Braille as well as books about sign language. In row 2 look for the books at j305.8 that provide information about Americans of various nationalities or the books at j394.26 that provide information about holidays around the world. In row 4 look for books at j641.59 that provide information about cooking the foods of different cultures.

Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd this year. It will be the year of the dragon. It will be the year 4710 according to the Chinese calendar. To learn more click here.

Children are invited to make a simple Chinese dragon during our drop-in craft from 10:30am-11:15am on Saturday, January 21st. Also, check out our selection of books on Chinese New Year.

Posted by Lisa

Two Great Reads: Orientation and Underground Time

Here are two great reads to start out the New Year.  Now that you are probably back to work, why not read about some very unusual workplaces?  You will feel much better about your job after you read these two books, believe me!

Let me start with Orientation and Other Stories by Daniel Orozco.  The title story of this book is hilarious!  Here is a quote from the story:

“Those are the offices and these are the cubicles. That’s my cubicle there, and this is your cubicle. This is your phone. Never answer your phone. Let the Voicemail System answer it. This is your Voicemail System Manual.”  The story goes on to become more and more absurd.  Other stories leave you gasping for breath.  One of them is about a man who is so severely overweight, he can not get up and walk but must rely on gadgets and medical help for even the simplest maneuvers.  The writing is superb.

Read an interview with Daniel Orozco in the Boston Phoenix here.

The next title that I must highly recommend to you is:  Underground Time by Delphine De Vigan.

Mathilde and Thibault are both doing their best to survive in Paris.  Mathilde is a widow who has found solace in her company job and identity.   One day, however, her boss, Jacques turns on her and her whole life and identity comes into question.  Thibault has loved a woman, Lila, who is so diffident that he knows he must break things off.  Will these two struggling Parisians meet as they travel the streets of Paris?  Will they find each other? Will they find redemption?  This book has been shortlisted for the 2009 Prox Goncourt.

Read more about the author and her book here.