Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!

Tim Russert Wisdom of our Fathers
I was thinking the other day that a LOT of people can be considered Mothers, even if they haven’t actually given birth…men too can be Mothers! When I left the nursing home the other night, after visiting my Mom, I said, “Happy Mother’s Day” to everyone, in case I didn’t see them on Mothers Day. One of the male nurses looked up as I passed and I said, “Happy Mother’s Day to you too!” I told him the way he “mothered” his patients he deserved a “Happy Mothers Day” as well! He nodded and smiled.

There is an emotional attachment to the word mother…it signifies a lot of caring and mushy feelings. The same doesn’t always apply to the word father…fathers often keep their emotions bottled up inside. Fathers are suppose to be strong and stoic. Then again a lot of fathers are Mothers too!

So Happy Mothers Day to everyone!!!

I just finished listening to a book: Wisdom of our fathers : lessons and letters from daughters and sons collected by Tim Russert.
It made me laugh, it made me cry and I found I shared similar experiences with many of the contributors. It was a wonderful “read”.
Smile, Jeanette

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