Librarian Point/Counter Point: Oscar Fashions Part 2

Complete Book of Oscar Fashion

Two of my favorite things are fashion and film (please don’t tell my faithful canine companion Jumpin’ Jack Flash that he is number 3)    And I’m not sure where this leaves my husband in the top ten roster. (be sure you’ll never see his face tattooed anywhere on my body).  I digress.

Although I watched the Academy Awards last night, I soon tired of them. Everything was long and overdone–except most of the women’s hair. I had read earlier, that jewelry and clothing were going to be scaled down as not to be too frivolous in these depressed times.  And that did seem to be the case, although many of the dresses themselves did have some sparkle.

I disliked far more of the dresses than I liked.  I hate those one shouldered frocks.  Even those skinny coat hanger model/actresses are not flattered by that asymmetrical look. That being said, I disliked Frieda Pinto’s gown.  Did her dog eat the other sleeve right before she walked out the door? And that red number on Heidi Klum–kiss, kiss auf wiedersehen  Heidi. Tilda Swinton was wearing her usual sack; while even a beautiful woman like Beyonce managed to look bad.

And what’s up with all those fish tails?  Marisa Tomei was drowning in her  dress as was Miley Cyrus.  I loved Frozen River–but poor Melissa Leo looked like she spent too much time in a frozen river.

Also on my worst dressed list are:

  • Amanda Seyfried–ick–orangey huge ugly bow
  • Kate Winslet–she looked older than me
  • Amy Adams–too clunky of a necklace
  • Meryl Streep–ugly everything–hair, gown color, material and neckline
  • Jessica Biel–What was that?  Looked like she had a maitre d’ towel hanging from her dress
  • Reese Witherspoon looked like an ugly black and blue bruise.
  • Mickey Rourke needed a good cleaning up.  I know he’s in mourning for his dog and all but didn’t he want little Loki to be proud of his daddy?

What is wrong with these people–don’t they have a full length mirror?

Alright, before you think  I am too critical  I did love:

Don’t forget to visit the library to read about past Oscar winners and see past award winning films. Check out Made for Each Other : Fashion and the Academy Awards by Bronwyn Cosgrave and The Complete Book of Oscar Fashion by Reeve Chace.

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  1. Comment by Laura Bernheim
    February 24, 2009 @ 3:15 pm

    Looks like Kate Winslet’s daughter agrees with you, Marialice!

  2. Comment by Laura Bernheim
    February 25, 2009 @ 2:34 pm

    This blog (and most notably these posts) were linked on!

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