Earth and Community Friendly Activities

Have you recently potty-trained your child? Share the spirit of celebration by donating your unused diapers in a way that is friendly to the earth and community members who could use a helping hand. The Diaper Depot at the Christ Church in Waltham accepts donations of diapers (they don’t have to be a whole package) and other items for young children. To get more information about this charity and other places to donate various items you no longer need check out the City of Waltham Recycling Department’s Reuse and Donations to Charities page.

Here are some other ideas for celebrating Earth Day (April 22nd):

  • Use the library. By borrowing books, you are saving the paper it would take to produce the item if you bought it. The same is true of participating in our magazine swap (located in the ground floor AV Annex).

  • Borrow a Kill A Watt meter. This device can tell you about the amount of energy your appliances use. Unplugging some of these devices when they aren’t being used can save energy.

  • Take advantage of the city’s free curbside recycling program.

  • Compost. Learn more here.

  • Use a rain barrel. Learn more here.

  • Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

  • Teach your children by doing Earth Day themed activities.

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