The World’s Strongest Librarian — Review by Jeanette

I just finished listening to a great book…It’s also available in hard copy and downloadable audio book. If you’d like an insiders look of what it’s like working in a library combined with the story of how a person manages living with Tourette’s Syndrome. Check it out!
The World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne… From the book description: “the author was never able to blend into the background. Even before he was formally diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, the condition would bring chaos into his world. Hanagarne tried countless therapies, but it would not hold him back as he finished his degree. Here he shows how battled Tourette’s while shedding light on the often misunderstood affliction.”
It’s a memoir of a man who grew up loving the library and ended up becoming a librarian in Utah. His journey to working at the library was a struggle due to the fact that he suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome, he managed to control the tics and vocalizations somewhat by working out lifting weights, etc.
Amazing how the situations he encounters in Utah are so similar to the things we face here in Waltham. I think of Utah as being countrified but there are big cities there and big libraries too.
As a person who works at the library, I really enjoyed this book and found some interesting ideas on how to cope and enjoy what goes on around me.
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