New Digital Books Available!

Browsing for something to download from the Digital Media Catalog? Log in first – at the beginning of your browsing session – instead of when you’re ready to check out.

The Minuteman Library Network offers many titles for all library users to access. And, individual libraries can also add titles just for the residents of their city or town, called Advantage titles. The Digital Media Catalog only shows titles that you, the browser, can access, so logging in opens up all those residents-only Advantage titles!

And a new big batch of Advantage titles was added today! After you log in, click on the New Titles link under Featured Collections. You’ll see what’s been added to the site most recently.

Someone beat you to something that looks good? Place a hold and get an email when it’s ready for you. Don’t be intimidated by a list that looks long, place that hold – it alerts library staff that there’s demand among our Waltham patrons! And, since Advantage titles are only available to Waltham residents, that list often isn’t as long as it looks!

Need something today? Place a hold for something to arrive soon, but then click the button to see Available Now. That’ll save you the roller coaster of selecting a title only to find out someone else is using it now. Narrow it down to eBook or eAudiobooks, whichever your preference, and now you have a more manageable batch to browse.

Haven’t tried digital books yet? eBooks and eAudiobooks are super versatile and completely portable. Check out a few of these guides for getting started!

How to Enjoy eBooks on your Smartphone or Tablet and on your eReader

How to Enjoy eBooks on Kindle devices Free Kindle Apps and Kindle Fire

Getting Started with Android

Getting started with iOS (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch)

Once you’ve got the one-time set-up stuff done, visit the Digital Media Catalog over and over for new books any time!

Happy Downloading, Everyone!


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