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So, in case you haven’t heard, there is an election on November 8, 2016. Eligible voters will not only be voting for a new President, but Massachusetts voters will also be voting for other elected officials and ballot questions. Every vote counts, including yours, so remember to cast your vote come election day. Here is what you need to know:

Voter Registration Information

  • The last day to register to be eligible to vote on November 8 is Wednesday, October 19, 2016. Don’t miss that date! There are several ways and locations in which you can register to vote.
  • Register to vote online through the Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth Website.
  • Register to vote in person at your city or town clerk’s office. Waltham residents can register to vote at the city clerk’s office at City Hall, Second Floor on 610 Main Street.
  • Pick up a mail-in voter registration form at the reference desk at the Waltham Public Library. Those must reach your municipality’s election commission before October 19, so pick up that form, soon!
  • Not sure if you are registered to vote? Check here, or call the city clerk at 781-314-3120.

Where and When to Vote

  • As mentioned above, the next election is on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Polling places are open from 7:00 am – 8:00 pm.
  • To find your polling place, click here. If you live in Waltham, you can call the city clerk at 781-314-3120. The polling places for Waltham are:
  • Ward Precinct Polling Place
    1 1 PLYMPTON SCHOOL 20 Farnsworth Street
    1 2 WALTHAM HIGH SCHOOL 617 Lexington Street
    2 1 KENNEDY MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSIC ROOM  655 Lexington Street
    2 2 KENNEDY MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSIC ROOM  655 Lexington Street
    3 1 MACARTHUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 494 Lincoln and Lake Streets
    3 2 NORTHEAST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 70 Putney Lane off Warwick Avenue
    4 1 FITZGERALD SCHOOL AT REAR 140 Beal Road at Candace Avenue
    4 2 FITZGERALD SCHOOL AT REAR 140 Beal Road at Candace Avenue
    5 1 BRIGHT SCHOOL GYMNASIUM 260 Grove Street – Corner of Clark & Bright Streets
    5 2 BRIGHT SCHOOL GYMNASIUM 260 Grove Street – Corner of Clark & Bright Streets
    6 1 CHARLES A. LAWLESS HOUSING 110 Pond Street
    6 2 CLARK GOVERNMENT CENTER 119 School St. Corner of School & Lexington St.
    7 1 BANKS SCHOOL BASEMENT 948 Main Street – Corner of Main & South Street
    7 2 BANKS SCHOOL BASEMENT 948 Main Street – Corner of Main & South Street
    8 1 WHALEN HOUSING 84 Orange Street
    8 2 SOUTH MIDDLE SCHOOL 510 Moody Street
    9 1 ARTHUR J. CLARK HOUSING 48 Pine Street
  • Going to be out of town on November 8? No excuse not to vote! Download an absentee ballot request form. Better yet, if you’re a Waltham resident, go to the city clerk’s office at City Hall and request an absentee ballot and fill it out all in one quick visit!
  • Massachusetts will be participating in early voting, so if you’re not available on November 8 and don’t want to vote via an absentee ballot, you can participate. Early voting is October 24 – November 4. The times and locations for early voting in Waltham are:
    Early Voting Schedule for Waltham Fall 2016

Who is Running?
(List of all candidates in Massachusetts)

President/Vice President

Representative in U.S. Congress (Fifth District)

Katherine Clark, Democratic

Massachusetts Representative in General Court

Ninth Middlesex District

Tenth Middlesex District

Massachusetts Senator in General Court (Third Middlesex District)

What are the Ballot Questions?

  • Question 1: Expanded Slot-Machine Gaming: “A YES VOTE would permit the state Gaming Commission to license one additional slot-machine gaming establishment at a location that meets certain conditions specified in the law.”
  • Question 2: Charter School Expansion: “A YES VOTE would allow for up to 12 approvals each year of either new charter schools or expanded enrollments in existing charter schools, but not to exceed 1% of the statewide public school enrollment.”
  • Question 3: Conditions for Farm Animals: “A YES VOTE would prohibit any confinement of pigs, calves, and hens that prevents them from lying down, standing up, fully extending their limbs, or turning around freely.”
  • Question 4: Legalization, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana: “A YES VOTE would allow persons 21 and older to possess, use, and transfer marijuana and products containing marijuana concentrate (including edible products) and to cultivate marijuana, all in limited amounts, and would provide for the regulation and taxation of commercial sale of marijuana and marijuana products.”

More Information


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