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While I am a huge fan of the library’s CD collection, I wish that we had more than a handful of new punk rock CDs from independent labels. We have a number of compilations, such as Punk Rock: 20 Classic Bands from the World of Mystic Records and several CDs from the PunkORama series put out by Epitaph. We also have a good amount of punk rock from the 70s and 80s, such as Stiff Little Fingers, The Damned, MC5, The Ramones, The Clash, and The Stooges.

To remedy this situation, I spoke with Deb, The head of our Audio Visual Department, and she said that we should order a few new releases and see how often they get checked out. If they end up being popular, we will order a bunch more, but right now we’re going to start off small. Last week, we got the new No Use for a Name, the not so new Flogging Molly, and, by the end of the month, we should have the new Gaslight Anthem album.

I know that it’s a slow start, but our punk rock collection will grow. Come on in and check out our new releases and our catalog. If we don’t own what you are looking for, you can request that we order it.

Here are a few of my favorite CDs from other Minuteman Libraries:

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Update- August 8th: We just got The Loved Ones – Build and Burn.

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