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Anyone been watching the Olympics in Beijing? (Anyone traveling to Beijing to watch the Olympics?) I realize that it’s hard when there is a large time difference between us and the host country, but if you need to get your Olympic fix, the Waltham Public Library is a great place for your Olympic needs.

If you’re looking for books, go to the 2nd floor for aisle #27 and to call #796.48 (or go to the children’s room and look for the same number). There you will find books on the history of the modern Olympics.If you want to learn more about China, go to the 2nd floor for aisle #31 and call#915.1 for books about traveling and culture, or to aisle # 35 for call# 951.04 for books on the history of China.

We have Internet access that you can access on one of our desktops, or access our wireless with your laptop to get the latest about the Olympic games. For those of you who can’t wait until prime time to catch the results, here are some of the options for staying on top of everything:

And if you just want to laugh, check out this classic Saturday Night Live sketch on synchronized swimming starring Harry Shearer and Martin Short.
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