Glad vs. Sad

I recently checked in at the rear circ desk.

The Power of Nice and The Pessimist’s Handbook.

The titles intrigued me; the subjects suggest opposite attitudes.

The Power of Nice (How to Conquer the Business World with Kindness) by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval
Some of the Chapter titles included:
The Power of Nice
Bake a Bigger Pie
Sweeten the Deal
Help your Enemies
Tell the Truth
Shut up and Listen
Create a Nicer Universe

The book was 127 pages long and published in 2006.


The Pessimist’s Handbook (A Collection of Popular Essays)
by Arthur Schopenhauer

Some of the Chapter titles included:

On the Suffering of the World
On Education
Of Women
On Noise
On Books and Reading
Human Nature
Worldly Fortune
The Ages of Life

The book was 798 pages long and published in 1964.

Wow! I wonder how much longer an updated version would be?

Kind of sad I think, we need to SMILE more, a little positive thinking couldn’t hurt either!!

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