Bibliotherapy: It’s Free!

Bibliotherapy? We’ve got it here

Recently, I was reading about an organization in London, England called The School Of Life. They actually have people on their staff called bibliotherapists. My guess is that one needs to pay for their services. Well, guess what? The Waltham Public Library can provide you with bibliotherapy at no charge.

We are open seven days a week and we have knowledgable, educated staff who can get you the prescription that you are needing. Whether you need a quiet place to think and read, a downloadable book for your ipod, or that work out video that you have been thinking about, 735 Main Street is the place for you.

The staff here are specialists in matching you up with whatever it is in your “school of life”  that you need.  If you need to escape with an adventure flick, some chic lit, or a funny book by your favorite humorist, we will help you find it.   If you are looking to reduce that holiday stress, we can get you up to the minute articles, books, audiobooks, DVDs and more.

We will provide the literary prescription that you need and it has no calories. Zero. That stress management book, that video on Yoga For Wimps, we lend them to you because we want you to thrive.

There is no charge for our services. Many of us have gotten Master’s degrees so that we could really be good at getting you what you want. Here at the Waltham Public Library, bibliotherapy is one of our raisons d’etre.

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