A Valentine to Waltham’s Library Volunteers

From the Friends and the Library Staff

The Library is extraordinarily fortunate to have 33 volunteers who come in week after week to assist Library staff.  These fine people donate their time and talents in a variety of ways.  Volunteers shelve and straighten books, write press releases and prepare mailings for the Friends.  They help in every department, sorting donations for the ongoing book sale, putting labels and covers on books, entering data, finding missing items, creating a staff wiki, updating the online calendars and creating Friends email notices.

Working away largely unnoticed by library users, our volunteers play a key part in the success of the library.  We are deeply grateful for the generous assistance of:

Genevieve Allison
Ruth Anderson
Barbara Aucoin
Dennis Bernhardt
Karen Condor
Edith Cooper
Jerri DeKriek
Garrett Eastman
Jennifer Fitzsimmons-Gauger
Lisa Forster
David Freedman
Barbara Halpern
Cathy Hughes
Thomas Jewell
Sue Johnson
Christine Katsioules
Deana Littlefield
Sally Lobo
Anne Lundregan
Don McAdam
Mary McCusker
Irvin Orlandini
Barbara Pack
Victoria Rea-Wilson
Elizabeth Rea-Wilson
Sarah Robichaud
Sue Schmidt
Libby Shaw
Lim Siwlan
Ginny Sutherland
Jacquie Weekley
Graeme Williams
Mary Xu

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