Kickoff to Summer

Here are our picks to make your summer sizzle.


Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
SUCH a funny rom-com – I haven’t laughed this hard at a book in a while. (Renee)

The Covenant of Water by Abraham Verghese
I am following along with Oprah’s Book Club reading schedule (albeit cheating/jumping ahead) so I am still early on in the book – but it is utterly mesmerizing and every word transports me to the world Verghese has so masterfully brought to life. I am also listening to the audiobook on Libby because the author reads it and the combination of reading and listening is a great way to really let the story sink in. (Molly)

The French Girl by Lexie Elliott
Picked up this book from the book sale room but I am waiting to enjoy it on the beaches of Hawaii later this summer. Nothing better than a murder mystery while laying on the beach! (Elle)

Happy Place by Emily Henry
I can’t say I’m loving this one, but it’s an easy, breezy summer read. (Amber)

Milk Street Noodles by Christopher Kimball
My husband and I have found wonderful recipes from Christopher Kimball’s previous Milk Street books, and I am hoping to continue the trend with his newest. (Liz)

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney
I’m planning a trip to Maine, and while reading planning I remembered this beloved children’s book about a woman who plants lupines all over her town. I decided to revisit it and I’m glad I did! It is still delightful. (Liz)

The Only One Left by Riley Sager
“Gothic chiller”, “Lizzie Borden-like massacre” – SOLD!! Cant wait for this one to release in June

The Queen by Andrew Morton
So far so good. I’m clearly still grieving. (Kelly)

Summer Sisters by Judy Blume
A repeat summer read (adults only). (Kelly)

Sweet Enough by Alison Roman
Bring home allllll of the gorgeous summer fruit and bake it up into something wonderful. Roman’s flavor combinations are delicious and the recipes are well written and clear. (Jen)


Fast X (Release date May 19, 2023)
The first 90-plus minutes of this is pure action and features all the F&F cast (including a flashback with Paul Walker), along with Jason Momoa and Rita Moreno. Stay for the BEST end-credits surprise ever, I literally cheered out loud. (Amber)

Fatal Attraction (Paramount+)
A remake of the 1980s thriller, this limited series is currently steaming. Starring Joshua Jackson and Lizzie Caplan AND, making it even better, it is directed by women! So excited to binge this! (Elle)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (release date May 5, 2023)
Something about superhero movies just seems summer-y! This one was also an emotional roller coaster. I ugly cried way more than I expected. Best Marvel movie I’ve seen in a while. (Dana)

Nimona (Netflix)
Super cool animated adaptation of my FAVORITE graphic novel!! Shapeshifting teen defeats evil (maybe?). Out June 30th! (Renee)

Outlander (Starz)
Season 7 releases next month!! Excited to see how they portray the beginning of the American Revolution. (Elle)

Queen Charlotte (Netflix)
Super fun – I love the Bridgerton books and shows! (Kelly)

A Small Light (Disney+)
Miep Gies: “Even a regular secretary, a housewife or a teenager can turn on a light in a dark room.” This series truly shines a light on how atrocious things can get when too many people turn a blind eye to bigotry… and yet it shows the power we ALL have to fight back, even when things seem darkest. The story of Anne Frank is one we all know, yet this series brings a whole different understanding to what was happening on the other side of the bookcase. A must watch. May more people chose to be like Miep.
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The Record by Boygenius
Have had this album on repeat and it will be my soundtrack of the summer. (Renee)

Yacht Rock radio (SiriusXM)
Quintessential summer listening. Non-SiriusXM subscribers can check out NOW That’s What I Call Yacht Rock volumes one and two. Boat shoes optional. (Amber)

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