For everyone's safety, the Library and our bookdrops are closed. All Waltham material are not due until June 30. Library Director Kelly Linehan is monitoring email and voicemail daily: 781-314-3432 or
The Library has many online resources available 24/7 - check it out here.

The library's archives is collecting stories, photos, and more from your Covid-19 pandemic experiences. Learn more and share your story here.

Estamos recopilando historias, fotos y más de sus experiencias de pandemia de Covid-19. Aprende más y comparte tu historia aquí.

WATCH CDC has released a Covid-19 Resource Guide which includes information on food, healthcare, housing, income & employment, and more.

Watch CDC ha preparado un guía de recursos sobre Covid-19 lo cual incluye estás temas: comida y alimentos; vivienda; asistencia médica; empleo; y preguntas frecuentes sobre el COVID-19.

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