Home Delivery

Waltham residents who are not able to physically access the library due to long-term illness or disability are eligible to request home delivery services. 

Interested patrons should submit the Waltham Home Delivery form online. If completing an online form is not an option, the Outreach Librarian will assist over the telephone at (781) 314-3429. A library card is not necessary to enroll; one will be issued during home delivery registration.

Once successfully registered, the Outreach Librarian will handle all future requests for materials and will personally order items for the patron. Home delivery items have a six-week checkout period.

Deliveries are made once a month.

Please note that home delivery services end if a patron is able to physically visit the library, and/or finds other means for retrieving library materials through an aide or family member for example.

Other Resources

Digital content is always available for patrons. This includes digital books and other materials via Libby or Hoopla.

For more information, contact Greg at gcarter@minlib.net, or call 781-314-3429.

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